Wear Shoes That Fit

This is an off-the-shelf, on-demand world we live in. Order whatever you want online and get it the next day. Well, this might be true for a shirt or a blouse but not when it comes to your feet. We don’t have “off-the-shelf” feet. Each is very different, with unique characteristics handed to us by genetics and the life we lead. Your feet are the foundation of everything else in your body. A poor fitting pair of shoes can affect your Achilles heel, knees, hips and lower back.


If you spend much time on your feet you know the value of a good pair of shoes. Come to Althea’s Footwear Solutions and come away with shoes that really fit, with no pinching, digging or rubbing the wrong way. These shoes will fit perfect, right out of the store. You’ll feel it in your hips, your back, your legs and even your neck. Nothing can make your day more enjoyable than a good-fitting pair of shoes.

The Process of a Great Fitting Pair of Shoes

When you come to Althea’s Footwear we won’t just sell you a pair of shoes. That’s just the beginning. We customize your new pair of shoes so that they are ideally suited to your feet alone. Our craftsmen will stretch, smooth, adding padding or even taking away components until those new shoes look terrific and fit even better.

  1. Ask a lot of questions about your work, activities and overall health.
  2. Examine your feet to see where the trouble spots are.
  3. Guide you to styles best suited to your feet shape and body mechanics.
  4. Analyze your feet in the new pair of shoes to determine needed adjustments.
  5. Craft your new shoes so that they are perfect for your unique feet


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