Althea’s Can Help

Tired of spending money on shoes that make your feet sore?

You don’t have to waste your hard-earned money on shoes that make you miserable any more! You may think sore, tired feet and other common foot problems are inevitable, but that’s not true if you know where to shop.

Most foot pain can be resolved with a pair of shoes that properly fit your feet.

Each of your feet (yes, your left foot is even different compared to your right foot!) are unique. This means for maximum comfort, your shoes should be unique also. You deserve to be comfortable!

Purchasing the best fitting, most comfortable shoe is more than being “sized” by an average retail store or “sizing” yourself, pulling a box off a shelf and blindly trying to find the pair that won’t make your feet miserable.

At Althea’s we take the time and have the experience to provide you with shoes uniquely fit to your feet .

Our certified, on-site pedorthists are here to help solve your footwear problems and help eliminate pain and discomfort caused by ill-fitting shoes.

Schedule a complimentary Comfort Advisory Appointment by Althea’s SM. We’ll help you discover what you’ve been missing in foot comfort and style.

Who is Althea?

Althea began providing orthotics in a medical setting over 20 year ago. She often saw people arrive frustrated because they weren’t able to find the shoes they needed to work with the orthotic that had been prescribed for their unique foot issue.

Althea quickly saw that the retail environment wasn’t equipped to help people who were dealing with real foot pain and day-to-day challenges. She realized the retail shoe market was generally there to serve the “masses” with production line shoes and footwear products.

From experience, Althea knows nearly every one has variations in their feet; even if they aren’t dealing with a major medical issue. She also understands how those foot variations can cause real problems and pain if not addressed in an appropriate way.

Althea decided she would open a shoe store to provide the perfect balance between the retail and medical component of foot care; effectively addressing each customer’s unique needs and lifestyle. In the year 2000, Althea invested her time, energy and passion to this endeavor.

Fifteen years later, Althea now works with twelve dedicated and passionate employees including eight certified pedorthist.

Happy Feet, Happy Customers

Two sizes too big…


Kim was AWESOME! She measured my feet to perfection, and came out with about 5000 pairs of shoes, until she found the perfect one. Who knew that I was wearing shoes that were two sizes too big?!?!?

~ Greg
Everett, WA

Unusual shoe size

This is not your ordinary shoe store. I started going here year’s ago because I have an unusual shoe size, but the store also specialized in customers with medical problems. The staff pays careful attention to your measurements, how you walk, and your taste in shoes. They will not let you leave with a pair of shoes unless they know you will be comfortable.

~Lynn Stone
Arlington, Wa.

Fallen arches…

I scheduled my appointment in the Everett store, arrived and was greeted professionally and warmly. I went down the elevator to meet Althea herself and received a warm welcome again.

~Cindy Ashbridge
Edmonds, Washington

Scoliosis was causing pain

“I’m 18 and have suffered with scoliosis for 8 years now. The curvature in my spine causes my hips to be significantly mis-aligned – resulting in one leg constantly being shorter than the other. This medical situation often results in extreme back pain.

~ Briauna G.
Arlington, Washington

Not your ordinary shoe store

“My husband and I began shopping at Althea’s in Everett last year. We went for shoes and custom built inserts to help manage his foot pain. Being a diabetic, his shoes and the inserts designed perfectly for his feet, were covered by insurance.

~ Cindy S.
Lynnwood, Washington

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